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Look at the pretty necklace!

Mar. 2nd, 2010 | 10:08 pm

 I made this necklace today and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, for a first attempt!
Hope you like it and that I'm not just spamming!

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Visiting Home and Photos!

Feb. 27th, 2010 | 05:16 pm
location: Not in the Shires!
mood: artistic artistic
music: Madness (due to a craving caused by a couple friends and a memory)

So, I haven't posted on here for a couple weeks, but I've had a rather nice break from uni and then got back and been ill! On to the interesting stuff!

Just thought I'd share a few photos with you!


When I went home for half term I visited a few places:
  • Eden Project: Spent a day with family going round the eden project, taking pictures and ice skating! Whilst we were there, they also had the set of Sean the Sheep on display in the Mediterranean Biome and some of the Aardman Team were running classes on how to make your own plasticine models and characters! Pictures 1 and 3 are from the Eden Project.
  • Living Coasts: My sister has a friend in Torquay, so we spent a day there and I went to Living coasts with the rest of my family to see the seabirds, fish, seahorses and sea lions! I took pictures 2 and 4 here.
The last picture is just one that I thought was cute! It's one of our pet chickens, "Rusty", and one of the chicks she mothered. This particular chick kept hiding under its mum until it had grown so much that it would no longer fit underneath her. I like to believe that this chick just wanted to be a spy!

Enough of my blathering anyway!
I shall leave you with a nice surreal threat:

If you don't do what you're told then giant, corset-wearing, amphibious seahorses will chase you and eat the world's entire supply of smarties!!!

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Music Creation!

Feb. 17th, 2010 | 01:26 am

 I made some music earlier!
Here's a link if you feel like listening: www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/311880

I'm also extra happy because I'm actually at home now!
Home, home! Not some rough interpretation of home.

On a different note:
I disagree with valentines day and I live in a house of singles.
However, one of my housemates decided to decorate the living room with paper hearts after the rest of us went to bed.
In the morning she made pancakes for us all for breakfast and set the table nicely and put out lots of different breakfast teas and things to put on the pancakes. So, despite disagreeing with the idea of valentines day, I actually had a pretty good time!

I shall end this post on that positive note!

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Feb. 9th, 2010 | 12:53 am

Here is the doodle I did yesterday to procrastinate from doing maths! 
It started off being a woman, and turned into a wolf... hence the strange feet!

Hope you like it!

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SCUBA Diving!

Feb. 7th, 2010 | 01:17 am

This is a rather late post, but last weekend I went Scuba Diving in freezing conditions with my diving instructor and a fellow trainee Ocean Diver who was my diving buddy.

Things that made me feel like a hardy diver:
  • It was so cold that they closed one of the entries to the water because there was too much ice and someone fell over on it.
  • Twelve metres underwater, a valve froze open on my diving buddy's breathing apparatus and was letting loads of air out, so the instructor had to give her his spare 'octopus' (spare mouthpiece for breathing), turn her air off, wait for the 5 degrees-celsius water to thaw the valve again, turn her air on, check everything was ok and then hand her octopus back!
Apart from that, the kit is blooming heavy and I'm pretty pleased with myself for controlling my buoyancy fairly well!!!

The cold wasn't actually too bad, although I was dubious at first, but after my first dive of the day in drysuit and many layers of thermals I was pleasantly surprised when I found that only my hands and face were freezing!!! Then my wonderful diving buddy bought me cheesy chips, because I felt a bit rough after my first dive due to the tightness of the drysuit where it was taped round my neck (it'd leak if I didn't have the tape there).

Both diving, and the people I've met through it, are amazing!

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I got bored...

Feb. 7th, 2010 | 12:51 am
music: None! I know... It should be something by the Cranberries.

 Ok, so I got bored of trying to do my maths essay and this gradually appeared in my sketchbook:

Hope you like it!

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Thoughts and Dreams (in no particular order)

Jan. 13th, 2010 | 01:22 am

Last night I had a dream that I stopped lighting a fire in a fireplace at my grandparents house and that a fern started growing in the corner and these strange black bugs like a cross between an ant and an earwig all crawled out of it and bit my arms and hands...

A few nights before I had some very strange dreams where I hoped various friends were ok, and swam through a pool that had polystyrene icebergs floating on it.


Business Hats - Business cards are dull and should be banned. So I propose that:
  1.  Instead, everyone should buy a hat and stick a specific 'hat swapping' logo on it and store their details in the hat.
  2. At networking parties everyone should swap hats with as many people as possible to exchange details.
  3. Wandering up to someone and stealing their hat is perfectly acceptable (if you give them yours and both hats have the 'hat swap' logo).
  4. Novelty hats are all good.
Post-It Clothing Kits - Because getting your friends to write and draw on all the post its and create some amazingly patterened dress would be hilarious and amazing!

Ideas over for today... and I have stomach ache! :(

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New Year!!!

Jan. 5th, 2010 | 12:40 pm
music: Gay Pirates by Cosmo Jarvis

Firstly, I had the best New Year EVER!!!
I went, with friends, to a little place in Plymouth and saw Becky Falls, Cosmo Jarvis and Mad Dog McRea all for £10. It was brilliant!

Becky Falls has an amazingly powerful voice and did an extremely good cover of 'Time is Running Out' by Muse (another amazing band from around here).
Cosmo Jarvis is an amazing comic and musician who, with his band, plays original, quirky, amusing songs about gay pirates, family problems and drinking, among other things. I first saw his group play at Teignmouth when they were supporting Muse last September and thought that the music was genius (I mean - he's a front man with a ukelele and uses recorders in his music - it's so good)!!
Mad Dog McRea are a truly local band, getting gigs all over the South West for their highly energetic folk music. It was brilliant for dancing to and had I known all of the words I'd have struggled not to sing along.

All in all, three great local bands who deserve more recognition!

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Life is currently fun!

Dec. 30th, 2009 | 11:42 pm

 So, I've been painting "a strange flying dolphin that's on fire and carrying some ancient relic".... this is what happens when I don't plan a watercolour painting.
I've also spent 27 hours out of my house visiting wonderful friends and have just got back. Even better, I'm going to see loads of people again tomorrow for New Year's Eve!
Unfortunately I have to get a superhuman amount of work done in the next week, but who cares? It's been fun.

I'm off now so that I have the energy to celebrate tomorrow, and because my cat is headbutting my fingers because she wants attention.

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Greetings! Have a whole box o' tidings!!!

Dec. 28th, 2009 | 06:14 pm

 Decided to join Live-Journal as I have a few friends on here and it can be a new attempt to actually keep up with blogging.
I'll also post if I create any new music that I'm pleased with or paint something new, but for now it's just me blathering on....
Ah well - Whoever is reading this, hope you had an amazing Christmas!!!

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